Course Lecturers: the Ancient World
Elizabeth Edwards has taught in the University of King's College since 1990. She is a former Vice President of King's and was the first Director of the Contemporary Studies Programme which flourished so brilliantly because of the stamp she gave it. Dr. Edwards obtained her first degrees from Dalhousie University (BA ’79, MA ’86). She completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge in 1997, focusing her thesis on Malory's Morte D'Arthur. She later published this work as The Genesis of Narrative in Malory's Morte D'Arthur. Her uncanny ability to work easily with subjects from the past and the present – using the one to enliven or enlighten the other - is at the core of her great reputation as a teacher.

Peggy Heller taught in the Foundation Year Programme at King’s beginning in 1982. She was a former Director of the programme on several occasions. She also taught in the Contemporary Studies Programme and was cross-appointed to Dalhousie’s Gender and Women’s Studies Program. Professor Heller had BAs from Lakehead and Dalhousie Universities, an MA in history from Dalhousie and a PhD from the Union Institute & University in Cincinnati. Her research on the history of the concept of the ‘West’ provided a new sense of the context of everything that is taught in FYP. She served on the board of the Association for Core Texts and Courses for many years. She played the cello with the Edward Street String Quartet. Peggy died in 2011.

Angus Johnston obtained his BA from Mt. Allison University and his MA and PhD in Classics from Dalhousie. He taught at King's from 1977 when he joined the Foundation Year faculty as a Junior Fellow until his retirement in 2009. He was the Director of the Foundation Year Programme on several occasions and served as Vice President of the University from 1988 until 2001. He also taught in Dalhousie University's Department of Classics, as well as Saint Mary's University. Many agree with the comment of a former student that there is nothing like the "glory of an Angus lecture” and his oft-quoted remark that "The questions are still open for us as we strive to understand these great texts. We need the students’ help." suggests the tenor of his peerless teaching.

Gary McGonagill was raised on California's Central Coast which he left to enroll in the University of King’s College's Foundation Year Programme. He subsequently completed his BA at King’s before earning an MA in Classics from Dalhousie University and his PhD from Harvard. His thesis, "A History of Allegorical Interpretation from Homer through Lucretius" shows something of the broad range of his interests. Dr. McGonagill taught Greek History in Dalhousie's Department of Classics and is now teaching at Utah State University.

Peter O’Brien completed his undergraduate work at the University of King’s College, followed by an MA in Classics and an MA and PhD from Boston University. He now teaches Latin literature in Dalhousie University's Department of Classics. He was the winner of the Centre for Learning and Teaching's 2007 Dalhousie Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching. Click here for a story on this award.

Vernon Provencal enrolled in the University of King's College's Foundation Year Programme and completed a BAH at King’s, followed by an MA and PhD in Classics from Dalhousie University. He teaches Classics in the Department of History and Classics at Acadia University. Vernon co-authored Same Sex Desire and Love in Graeco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical Tradition of the West with Dr. Beert Verstraete.

Colin Starnes was a Junior Fellow in the Foundation Year Programme in the year it started - 1972. He is a Former Director of the FYP and served as President of the University of King’s College for ten years. He retired in 2003 and is currently Chair of the Board of Governors of the Halifax Humanities Society. Dr. Starnes is the author of Augustine’s Conversion: A Guide to the Argument of Confessions I-IX and The New Republic: A Commentary on More’s Utopia showing its relation to Plato’s Republic. His educational background includes a BA from Bishop’s ('63), and STB from Harvard ('66), an MA from McGill ('71), and a PhD from Dalhousie ('76). His most recent book, The Patriarchy Thesis, is due to appear in 2013.

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