For thousands of years a conversation has been going on in Western civilization with the greatest minds that ever lived. It is a conversation about the lives we all lead. It is a conversation about love, friendship, justice, freedom, beauty, family, belonging, birth, death, marriage, war, ignorance, deceit, God and the devil.

We can join this conversation through studying and discussing the writings of these great thinkers. For the past 10 years the Halifax Humanities Society has been offering just this opportunity for study and discussion through our signature course, Halifax Humanities 101. This is a not-for-credit, full first year of university level Humanities study for low-income adults provided at no cost to them.

The Society is now ready to take the next step in fulfilling its mandate of providing barrier free education in the Humanities to anyone who wants to enter into this study and conversation through a new program we are calling HALIFAXTHINKS!

HalifaxThinks is a series of 'Lectures in Western Civilization' that includes study of the Ancient World, the Medieval World, and the Renaissance and Reformation. It is offered online in a series of 12 lectures you can access at your convenience. Twice a month all participants are invited to a live tutorial where you get to discuss each work with the author of the lecture and the others in the class. Each lecture is written specifically for HALIFAXTHINKS! by one of the university faculty who teach the same books in the famous, for-credit, Foundation Year Programme at King’s and in the signature not-for-credit program of the Society, Halifax Humanities 101.

All proceeds from HALIFAXTHINKS! go to cover the expenses of the other cost-free learning programs of the Society: Halifax Humanities 101, the second level Seminar class, and a Saturday writing program.

Joining us in this conversation may lead to the most liberating thoughts you’ve had in ages. There are no papers, no tests, no exams and no pressure and it will also help to pay the costs for another group of equally keen learners who need your support.

The Halifax Humanities Society is a registered charity in the province of Nova Scotia. (#864790878R0001)
Register now for The Ancient World" beginning in late September.. [more]

Live tutorials will be on Sundays 2 - 4pm.
Click here for a sample lecture from 'The Ancient World' (without audio).

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